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Use this page for any Matra-related items you’d like to buy, sell or exchange. One photo per advert, either as a .jpg file or a link, can be included and remember to include your location and contact details. Submissions by email to admin@matra-club.net please and to keep the page fresh, adverts will be removed periodically, except for Club merchandise that is permanently on sale.

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MECUK Regalia.

White polo shirts with breast pocket and Matra logo £19 (pictured)
Matra umbrellas £10
Matra branded T-Shirts £5
Clive has had a new batch of the blue club polo shirt remanufactured with the club logo on the breast and Matra Automobile logo on the sleeve. £19
All available at club meetings or by contacting Clive or Titus through our ‘Contact Us ‘page here.

Murena Door Mirror Parts
Remanufactured door mirror adjustment arms and brass rods are now available. These are the parts that are most likely to break if the mirror is hit. The arms are made from aluminium and are much stronger than the original castings. Price £50 for the arms and £10 for the rod, both plus p&p from Greig Dalgliesh.

Murena 36mm Rear Hub Nuts
£7 each plus p&p from Greig Dalgliesh.

Bagheera Windscreens
Uroglas have five new Bagheera Series 1 windscreens  675mm in height which are predominantly for S1 for bonding in (665mm is other size which is held in place with rubber surround for S2 production run). These large type screens can also be used for S2 just need bonding in & outer rubber modifying to replicate original (possible option if you can't get 665mm screens anywhere).
2 Buntsford Hill Business Park
Buntsford Park Road
B60 3DX
Tel: +44 (0) 1527 577477
Fax: +44 (0) 1527 576577
Email: mm@uroglas.com

Bagheera Parts Available
Stuart Dobson has a number of Bagheeras that are beyond restoration and would like to dispose of the parts. Please contact Stuart with your requirements.

Two interior courtesy light switches for a Series One Bagheera
Contact Greig Dalgliesh greig.dal@btinternet.com

For Sale Matra 530 LX
1971, Orange, 73,242 km
Same owner for over 30 years, stored in a garage in France
Photograph on request
Contact Dany + 86 134 0216 4312 dany28shanghai@gmail.com

Renault Espace Series 2 spares or repair
I have a Series 2 Espace that I am looking to rehome. It is a 2.1 td. I am reluctant to scrap it as they becoming rare judging by the number I see about now. I really want it to go to somebody who can either sympathetically recycle it or possibly restore it. It is located in Somerset near Taunton. My phone number is 07761791290.
email wookman@talktalk.net
Graham Hill

Renault Espace Series 1 1988 Spares or Repair
Two owners from new, the present  one for 30 years
For details and pictures, please email mike@dewpondfarm.uk

Espace Series 2 Loadspace Cover
I owned a series 2 3 litre automatic some years ago and have found a hard loadspace cover during a garage clean up. The car was grey leather and the cover is matching grey. It is dry and in good condition, and fits either when all 7 seats and fitted, or unfolded covers the rear space if the back row of seats is removed These may be hard to find these days for someone running or renovating one of these cars.
Open to offers. If nobody wants it it's going in the skip at Christmas.
Email Tony Hickling tonyphickling@gmail.com

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