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MECUK Regalia

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White polo shirts with breast pocket and Matra logo £19
Matra umbrellas £10
Matra branded T-Shirts £5
Clive has had a new batch of the blue club polo shirt remanufactured with the club logo on the breast and Matra Automobile logo on the sleeve. £19
All available at club meetings or by contacting Clive or Titus through our ‘Contact Us ‘page here.

Murena Door Mirror Parts

Remanufactured door mirror adjustment arms and brass rods are now available. These are the parts that are most likely to break if the mirror is hit. The arms are made from aluminium and are much stronger than the original castings. Price £50 for the arms and £10 for the rod, both plus p&p from Greig Dalgliesh.

Murena 36mm Rear Hub Nuts

£7 each plus p&p from Greig Dalgliesh.

Bagheera Windscreens

Uroglas have five new Bagheera Series 1 windscreens 675mm in height which are predominantly for S1 for bonding in (665mm is other size which is held in place with rubber surround for S2 production run). These large type screens can also be used for S2 just need bonding in & outer rubber modifying to replicate original (possible option if you can't get 665mm screens anywhere).
2 Buntsford Hill Business Park
Buntsford Park Road
B60 3DX
Tel: +44 (0) 1527 577477
Fax: +44 (0) 1527 576577
Email: mm@uroglas.com

1984 Talbot Matra Rancho For sale. 38K miles

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I bought the Rancho in 2016 from its original owner, who had parked it up in her garage approximately in 1990 after acquiring a company car. The last thing she did was to have new sills put on at the local main dealer.
In 2016 I had it transported to my house and got it running by removing the mouse nest from the air filter and changing the fluids and replacing the fuel pump, I got it to run quite well.
However, I did have trouble with the ignition module and had a couple of NOS units that initially worked fine but gave up the ghost pretty quickly. I do have a new unit that has not been fitted but will go with the car.
There is some rust around the windscreen surround which I believe to be cosmetic. It will need welding, possibly at the base of the door pillar. The battery tray will also need some attention.

This is not a basket case, but it definitely is a project.
 Contact: Andrew Harvey 07901 561 902           andy.harvey01@outlook.com

1983 Matra Murena 2.2

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• First registered in Germany June 1983
• imported and registered in UK April 1989
• one UK owner – a long-term MECUK member - since then
• original [German-market] specification
• 2.2 litre engine, single carb
• odometer reading 130,000 km
• exterior colour Mephisto Red [resprayed at some time prior to 1989]
• interior original velour black-and-white striped upholstery

Regular servicing and repairs carried out including brakes, replacement clutch, alternator, starter motor, water pump and various hoses etc.
Full file of service history and all invoices comes with the car.

Significant modifications include:
• stainless steel exhaust system
• higher 5th gear fitted
• complete engine overhaul (2008)
Past history
Between 1989 and 2006 the car was garaged, looked after, and maintained by a well-known MECUK Murena expert while the owner was working overseas.

The car featured on the MECUK stand at the NEC Classic Car Show in the 1990s.

Since 2006 the car has been garaged in Scotland, used relatively infrequently, and is currently SORN-ed, untaxed and MoT has expired.

It is now for sale as it deserves more regular use. Asking price £8,000, but open to realistic offers.

Also available, subject to negotiation, is an alarmingly large collection of new and hard-to-find spare parts including a new front windscreen, several second-hand headlamp units, a complete rear bumper panel, four genuine powder coated wheels, and numerous other bits

Contact: Brian Stewart brianannie.stewart@virgin.net

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