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Use this page for any Matra-related items you’d like to buy, sell or exchange. One photo per advert, either as a .jpg file or a link, can be included and remember to include your location and contact details. Submissions by email to admin@matra-club.net please and to keep the page fresh, adverts will be removed periodically, except for Club merchandise that is permanently on sale.

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MECUK Regalia.

White polo shirts with breast pocket and Matra logo £19 (pictured)
Matra umbrellas £10
Matra branded T-Shirts £5
Clive has had a new batch of the blue club polo shirt remanufactured with the club logo on the breast and Matra Automobile logo on the sleeve. £19
All available at club meetings or by contacting Clive or Titus through our ‘Contact Us ‘page here.

Murena Door Mirror Parts
Remanufactured door mirror adjustment arms and brass rods are now available. These are the parts that are most likely to break if the mirror is hit. The arms are made from aluminium and are much stronger than the original castings. Price £50 for the arms and £10 for the rod, both plus p&p from Greig Dalgliesh.

Murena 36mm Rear Hub Nuts
£7 each plus p&p from Greig Dalgliesh.

Bagheera Windscreens
Uroglas have a number of Bagheera windscreens that they wish to clear from their warehouse to make room for new stock aqnd are selling at a very reasonable price.  They are believed to be S2, but you are advised to check before ordering.
2 Buntsford Hill Business Park
Buntsford Park Road
B60 3DX
Tel: +44 (0) 1527 577477
Fax: +44 (0) 1527 576577
Email: mm@uroglas.com

Bagheera Parts Available
Stuart Dobson has a number of Bagheeras that are beyond restoration and would like to dispose of the parts. Please contact Stuart with your requirements.

Two interior courtesy light switches for a Series One Bagheera
Contact Greig Dalgliesh greig.dal@btinternet.com

For Sale
A selection of miniature Matra models from Alain Migniac in France. Follow this link for a list (Word Document)

X reg. Grand Espace
Broken engine, but with spare engine.  Too good to scrap.
For details email Doug Gleed dougsclutchclinic@talktalk.net or phone 07732 717326 for more details if interested.

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Here is my 1983 Matra Murena 1.6 for sale. Having previously owned a Murena 2.2, I fancied a 1.6 because they were a little lighter to drive. I purchased it on the 14th May 1995 and drove it home to Lancashire without any problems. I then started a sympathetic restoration. The colour was changed from silver to Night Fire red, a nicely balanced engine fitted at 175.000 km, gear box reconditioned, stainless water pipes, exhaust etc., together with a few discreet mods, such as a radiator fan override switch, internal light delay etc. The car is currently at 213,000 km and the engine ticks over at 500 rpm when cold. The seats are in grey velour and I have recently recovered the roof and door cards to match. A tilt and slide sun roof is also fitted. We moved to Spain in 2002 and the car was imported with us and registered on the 1st August 2003. During my time with the car anything that has required repairing or replacing has been done. Whilst not perfect and the paint has held up well, the car is in very good condition, with no major work required that I know of, just regular servicing. She is used twice a week to keep everything in good order. The car will come with an extensive spares package that will not fit in the boot which should help keep the car running for the next 20 years. I could fill the boot with hoses!The few Murena available here in Spain are advertised at between €8000.00 and €12500.00 and I have even seen a “restored” example looking for €18000.00! So I set the price at €10000.00 / £9000.00. I have every piece of paper known to man, including the original bill of sale, factory documents, copy of UK Registration, export certificate, Spanish registration etc.The car is located on the Costa Brava, half way between Barcelona and the French border. For any further info please e-mail Peter Cowan on

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