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Use this page for any Matra-related items you’d like to buy, sell or exchange. One photo per advert, either as a .jpg file or a link, can be included and remember to include your location and contact details. Submissions by email to admin @matra-club.net please and to keep the page fresh, adverts will be removed periodically, except for Club merchandise that is permanently on sale.

Murena Door Mirror Parts
Remanufactured door mirror adjustment arms and brass rods are now available. These are the parts that are most likely to break if the mirror is hit. The arms are made from aluminium and are much stronger than the original castings. Price £50 for the arms and £10 for the rod, both plus p&p from Greig Dalgliesh.

Murena 36mm Rear Hub Nuts
£7 each plus p&p from Greig Dalgliesh.

For Murena 2.2
Short Driveshaft £75
Tim Martin

Bagheera Windscreens
Uroglas have a number of Bagheera windscreens that they wish to clear from their warehouse to make room for new stock aqnd are selling at a very reasonable price.  They are believed to be S2, but you are advised to check before ordering.
2 Buntsford Hill Business Park
Buntsford Park Road
B60 3DX
Tel: +44 (0) 1527 577477
Fax: +44 (0) 1527 576577
Email: mm@uroglas.com

Breaking Bagheera
Roger Boyes is breaking an early Bagheera well past its best. He has panels, glass, engine etc.
The car is in Hove, Sussex.
Tel: 07989 311 674

Bagheera Parts Available
Stuart Dobson has a number of Bagheeras that are beyond restoration and would like to dispose of the parts. Please contact Stuart with your requirements.

Espace Quadra Parts
I have a 1989 Quadra which I am breaking. Just too much work to get it through its last MoT, so most parts are available, including a pristine carbon fibre prop shaft which does not vibrate. The engine are gearbox are good, the engine had a cam belt change only last year. The car had air conditioning from new so air-con parts are available. The rear diff is of course seized, as usual with these cars, and the reason I removed the prop shaft ages ago. I used to put it on when any snow threatened - a really quick job, less than 30 minutes. I shall miss that aspect of the car.
Peter pr2@uk7.net

Two interior courtesy light switches for a Series One Bagheera
Contact Greig Dalgliesh greig.dal@btinternet.com

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Rancho 'X' For Sale

For more details, contact Günther Böhm guenther_boehm@a1.net  or telephone +436803164216

Car is located in Salzburg, Austria

MEC Magazine Back Issues

Collection of Club magazines from Jan 2009 to May 2017 available, all in pristine condition.
Free in return for a donation to my Macmillan Cancer Care fundraising page.
email: lukeburn@hotmail.com

Breaking Matra Bagheera
Breaking for parts or complete.  Email Richard at grnicholson@gmail.com for price list or buy for €2250 delivered to your door,

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