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Bagheera History and Specs

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Matra introduced the Bagheera to the public at the Le Mans 24-hour race in 1973. A three abreast seating mid-engine coupé. 60 cars were demonstrated and all were Yellow. Initially you could have any colour as long as it was Yellow, Orange or Blue. The brushed-nylon trim was normally black with contrasting panels with brass eyelets. Green lighting in the instrument panel. 1294cc engine from the Simca 1100 TI with a small engine access panel. Inset bumpers front and back in black. Door windows were manually operated. Steel wheels were standard on the series 1-type 1 and alloy wheels for the series 1-type 2. Options were, radio, a full-length fabric sunroof. Model designated X3550.
1975. The 'S' model was introduced using the 1442cc Talbot Alpine/Horizon engine, with a larger engine access panel. 'S' badges and Instrument panel now has orange lighting. Electric windows, and check cloth trim. A 'Courrèges' model was introduced as a limited edition model, with white leather interior, alloy wheels, electric windows etc. as standard. Silk white paint was fully coloured keyed. The base model continues with the 1294cc engine, but with Tartan fabric and leather cloth trim. Model designated X6550 for the 1442cc engine models.

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1976. Series 2 models were introduced, Base, 'S' and "Courrèges'. With a redesigned body, very similar to the series 1, the panels are not interchangeable. Wrap around bumpers, modified rear side windows, larger rear window and new rear lights. Base model has 1442cc engine, manual windows and Tartan trim as the late Series 1. Designated X6550. 'S' and 'Courrèges' are as Series 1, except the 'Courrèges' now has beige leather-cloth trim. Silk white paint remains.

1977. Talbot (Chrysler as it was then) imported Bagheeras into England as left-hand drive. A number of these were converted to right hand drive. The conversions were done on demand and the Club has records of 65 from half the batch of imports, but complete records do not exist, so the number of RHD cars could be much higher.

1978. Production of the 'Courrèges' was discontinued and replaced by the Bagheera 'X'. Available in two colours, Silver with Grey trim or Metallic Black with bright green trim in velour. 1442cc engine as the 'S'. Alloy wheels were standard, as was a rear window wash/wipe.

1979. A major revision of the interior, a revised dashboard with repositioned switches, heater controls and a horizontally mounted radio. Three full lap and diagonal seatbelts are now fitted. Base models are now fitted with a de-tuned 1442cc single carburettor and a lower final drive ratio, model designated X6551. Limited edition 'Jubilee' introduced with 'S' engine and trim finished as 'X'. Model designated X6550X. New style seats and trim on all models. All Jubilee models were Silver.

1980. Only base and 'X' models available designated X6552. Electronic ignition is standard. New door handles and locks (from the Rancho) with up buttons on the doors, bumpers are now colour coded as 'X' models. Production of the Bagheera ceased in April 1980, to be replaced by the Murena.

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