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Useful Links

Simca Club UK for all Simca & Talbot models and Simca-related Matra models
The Avantime Owners' Club
The Matra Club Germany
Matra Mania Belgium
Simca & Matra Sports Club in the Netherlands
Club D’Jet A French site dealing only with the Djet
Matra Passion A French club dealing with all models

Commercial Parts Suppliers
Carjoy (Netherlands)
Matra Service Simon (Germany)
Politecnic (France)
Matra Magic (UK)
Garage Verhulst (Belgium)
Hades Pieces (France)
VTO Pieces (France)

Other Matra-related Sites
The Matra Museum Located in Romorantin
Matrasport An English language site catering for all models, and including a useful forum

Other Car-Related Sites
Introducing kids to motorsport

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