Technical and Spares Help.

The first port of call for any technical difficulties is Roy Gillard’s Matra Enthusiasts’ web site. It is full of technical data, FAQs and downloads and may well contain the answer to your problems.

Club Technical Advisors

• Djet & Jet              Jody Bowman
• M530A                   Tim Martin
• Bagheera              Phil Kitch and Kevin Ward
• Rancho                 Clive Nelson
• Murena                  Peter Chaloner and Roy Gillard
• Espace                  Roy Gillard
• Avantime              John Allan

Parts Suppliers

  Phil Kitch           Bagheera Bits                      01202 873026 email:
Mick Ward         Simca Spares                       01246 200045
Kevin Ward       Matra & Simca Spares         01246 278508
Phil Hart            Simca & Talbot Parts           01733 242242
Colin Hill           Simca & Talbot Parts 
Angel Motors   Simca & Talbot Parts  
Ignition Car Parts  Ignition parts, starters, alternators, distributor rebuilds  01268 857880

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